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Care, that works for women. By women.

General and laparoscopic surgery is a very male dominated branch. Most women who are looking for a female surgeon end up with a gynecologist. This is because for long,  health issues in women have been associated with having gynecological and breast problems. However, there are many women who want to see a female specialist for their health problem that include but are not limited to piles, fissures, fistulas, rectal prolapse, breast lumps, hernias, stones etc. 

Despite the need for privacy,  existing inhibitions, and cultural issues, most women have to go to a male surgeon, or worse, many chose to live with their illnesses. 

Having a female physician is associated with greater satisfaction in both male and female patients. Female doctors also tend to spend more time with patients. They are more concerned, good listeners, empathetic and generate more trust and confidence in their patients. Trusting relationships between patients and their healthcare providers go a long way in bolstering their confidence.

Having a female surgeon helps women by

  1. Shedding their inhibitions and anxiety
  2. Female surgeons understand importance of comfort, privacy, and confidentiality

Because of these issues, we decided to start an all women run clinic for surgical problems of women. From the time you check in till the time you check out, we can have an all women team to look after you. Do not hesitate to discuss this when you meet us.


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