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Is it possible to have an all women team for surgery?

Yes, it is possible to have an all women team for your surgery if you choose so. We have female anesthetists, physicians, OT technicians and nurses. From the time you check in till you check out we can have an all women team to look after you.

  • Female Anaesthetists
  • Female Physicians
  • Female Nurses & OT Technicians

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    • Gall bladder stones
    • Hernias
    • Appendicitis
    • GERD – Fundoplication
    • Achalasia Cardia- Myotomy
    • Obesity – Comprehensive Non Surgical Management and Bariatric Surgery
    • Ano-rectal issues like piles, fissure and fistula in ano
    • Colorectal cancers
    • Diseases of the adrenal, kidney, spleen
    • Breast pain, tumors, and abscesses


    Dr. Priya is an exceptionally good physician. I was fortunate enough for her to be around when I was suffering from acute groin pain. She diagnosed quickly and accurately. What she did after that made a lot of difference between Dr. Priya and any other doctor. She took it upon herself to treat this as an emergency, contacted relevant people to take care of me, personally ordered all the tests and had them delivered to me. She even made arrangements for the surgery in the town I was going to. Dr Pallawi Priya. A heartfelt thank you!

    Vijay Kasi

    Dr Pallavi is an excellent human being and a surgeon. Knowing of her laparoscopy skills, I refered my aunt of 70years for gall bladder surgery(Cholecystectomy) and my aunt was fit and fine within 2-3 days. Thank you very much for such good care and God bless u

    Aditi Agrawal

    Dr pallawi is very considerate and understanding. She listens to her patients very patiently. She operated on my relative and we had an exceptional experience. Her surgery was very good and my uncle was home within two days. I would strongly recommend her.

    Anisha Choudhary

    Got treated by Dr. Pallawi Priya and was amazed by the patience she has in listening to my issues and problems. She studied my file and concluded with the most reasonable and practical course of treatment. I would highly recommend her.

    Pooja Singh

    Dr Pallawi was a ray of hope for me and my family during the trying covid days. She is an excellent combination of confidence and warmth. Her constant follow up and regular vigilance helped us immensely and made us feel sufficiently taken-care-of. Her pro-active medical stance is indeed the need of the hour.

    Aparna Singh

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