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Book Chapters

Surgical Gastroenterology

Co-authored the chapter on perioperative nutritional management before bariatric surgery.

Essentials of Mini – One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass

Co-authored the chapter Diet, Supplements and Medications After MGB: Nutritional Outcomes; Avoidance of Iron Deficiency; MGB in Vegetarians

Comprehensive Lapraoscopic Surgery 4th edition by IAGES

Co-Authored the chapter on Bilioenteric Anastomosis

Peer-reviewed journal articles (Published):

  • Surgical Site Infection After Transversus Abdominis Release: a Review, Indian Journal of Surgery, 1-7 (ahead of print), 2022

  • Combination of Transversus Abdominis Release and Peritoneal Flap Hernioplasty for Large Midline Ventral Hernias: A Case Series, Indian Journal of Surgery, 1-7, 2022

  • Complexities in the management of a Richter's supraumbilical hernia with colocutaneous fistula in a patient with morbid obesity: A case report with a review of literature. Journal of Minimal Access Surgery 18 (2), 308

  • Management of Ventral Hernia in Patients with BMI>30Kg/m2 – Outcomes based on an Institutional Algorithm. Hernia 25 (3), 689-699, 2019

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  • Management of High Transsphincteric variety of Complex Anal Fistula with combined approach of Seton placement and Marsupialisation of fistulotomy tract. Indian Journal of Research. Volume: 4, Issue: 7. July 2015.

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